Tips on how to expand your poultry farming business

Tips on how to expand your poultry farming business

Poultry Farming Business expansion

 Tips on how to expand your poultry farming business.

It's one thing to start a poultry farm and it's another thing to be successful in it, Poultry Farming includes everything Starting from the building, poultry pens to taking care of chicks, brooding, vaccination, and selling of eggs and meat which are produced to consumers.

In order to make an awesome profit out of your Poultry Farming Business, there are specific operational principles that must not be ignored. When these principles are ignored by the farm management system, it results to serious loses. So before starting, it is advisable to begin with the basic knowledge before learning more about Poultry Farming. You can read some of our articles on how to start a poultry farm Business.
Then take some time and try to understand the secret begin most Poultry farmer's successful stories and even the failures and attempts, this will give you insight on the mistakes they made which you can avoid and the important steps taken that yielded positive results.

Poultry Farming Business is one of the farming business with multipurpose benefits, the potentials in poultries is so much that it takes a deep study to understand how to utilize them and that it is why I have created this article on some of the tips and steps you can use to expand your poultry farm.

1: Start small

Everything Big started small, before you can achieve great result you need to start in a small way you can't just start a large scale farming if you don't have the Experienced in the business.

Reading about successful stories of other poultry farmers is good however Don't let it get to your head because they started small as well some of them experienced a lot of rejection, failures, losses and lots more.

If you doubt it you can request for a private discussion and hear about the other side of the stories, the process is not always easy, so before you start a poultry farming Business, make sure you start in a small way , it will enable you learn and adapt to the system quickly and by the time you have gotten the experience and have the Good and the Bad as while as the Don'ts and the DOs you can then go ahead and expand your poultry farm to a larger scale.

2: Consider meat packaging and production:

Poultry Farming Business is just one farming business that has a whole lot of other benefits attached to it, starting with production of eggs to selling of the livestocks and as well as the meat.

 a lot of people get their poultry product from grocery store and supermarket however few peoples still buy live animal because they feel it is very stressful compare to buying already packaged meat. It is very advisable to also expand into the meat slaughtering because it it also profitable and can enable you access more opportunities and market.

When you have your own meat production and packaging business to sell the product from your farm it does not only give you access to new customers but it also makes your business have options, it is then left for your customers to make their choice based on demands.

Requirements needed to expand into meat slaughtering is just a sharp knifes, bowls and pot for water.

If you want to expand to a larger enterprise their are chicken feather removing machinery out there which cost about 200-$300 depending on the location and delivery, with these machines you can easily get up to 3-5 chickens ready all at once.

3: Have your own outlet

 Another profitable ways to expand your poultry farming business is to have your own sales outlet and not rely only on supplying to retailers.

When you have your own sales outlet it gives you the opportunity to supply both wholesale and retails and makes your business convenient for Trainings and other forms of farming education.

Another beautiful aspect when it comes to getting your own outlet is that it makes your business independent and can attract more customers because most people loved big things, your environment determines the class of people you attract.

When you use smaller environment and outlets it is most likely that you will attract neighbors and smaller customers compared to when you get your private outlet and establishments.

4:Offer mobile sales and delivery service

people are very busy ,even 24 hours is not enough in a day ,you must offer house to house sales or mobile sales.

You can partner with logistics services and get your business a delivery service, this will make people trust your business and credibility.

On the other hand it is less stressful for customers because they can easily get whatever they ordered for without having to worry about getting a low quality or quantity especially when they have patronised you before.

The Trust increases and referrals can access your market from there.

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5: Employ sales Representative And Experienced Staffs 

don't think that your business is too small to employ sales reps .many people are very busy at works, office, house etc. Especially if you have other businesses or cooperation jobs you are into, it is highly recommended to employ staffs to work for you and keep your business running, this will ease your stress and turn your business into a passive side-gig.

 another method to expand your farming business if for you to employ experience workers send them to training, don't think if you send them training they will leave you what of if they don't leave you and they were not worker cannot give you what more than they know.

Poultry Farming Business expansion

6: Have your own hatchery

Another major form of poultry expansion is Having your own hatchery instead of purchasing Day old chick from hatchery ,you can purchase your own incubators and use it to start your own hatching services.

It is even more profitable when you go into the hatching services as an additional to your business.

Researchers has it that hatching services increases poultry Business to 60% increase which means a good number of profits comes from the hatching services.

7: Produce your own feed

Another Tips of expanding your poultry farming business is for you to Start producing your own poultry feeds,get the right ingredient and make your own feed for your birds, this will reduce the cost of spending unnecessary money on feeds and supplement for your birds.

The cost of poultry feeds increases day by day, and if you are in a country were inflation is inevitable then you are most likely to enjoy excessive gains, you can start selling your poultry feeds to other farmers at a discount especially when there are other Poultry feed sellers around you.

Besides When you make your own feed ,it will reduce 20% of buying commercial feed.

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8: Register your poultry farming Business

Many farmers are not aware that Business registration and incorporation has a lot of advantages attached aside the fact that your business is legally incorporated, I have seen many poultry farmers saying they didn't register their farm simply because it will place their business at risk and prone to regulations.

Well, when it comes to Business registration you have the opportunity to apply for loans and grants, Business registration gives your business trust and gains reliability.

Even with marketing, when you market your services and products using your Registration number, customers gains more trust and if they do further investigation and find out the Business is duly registered they then have this assurance that since the Business is registered they are in safe hands.

Business registration cannot overemphasize and it is one of the major ways of expanding your business.

9: Take stock And Record Regularly.

this is very important ,you should try and make proper account and record regularly you should take note of all the output from your farm,this will help to prevent pilfering and theft.

Thorough account of sales and availability of stocks ensures that you are still on track and promotes transparency among your staffs and workers if you have any.

It also ensures that everything is intact and gives you an hint of were a problem might be coming from.

I came across a poultry farmer one certain time and he narrated how a snake was always stealing his eggs, every morning whenever he checks on his layers he noticed that there's always a missing egg and he decided to trace the source and one night he uncovered the source, it was a giant snake, after the snake was killed it was sold.

If he had not been making account of what was available he'd be in huge losses without even noticing.

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10: Apply for Grants and loan

Agriculture is something government is always interested in, they give loan and grants to farmers to start their own farm so that food will be surplus in world just like the popular phrase No farmers,No food.

And that is why it is very important to register your business just like I said earlier because it gives you access to loans and grants.

When you decide to expand your business and you do not have enough capital to do so applying for loans and grants will enable you access funds, banks usually take little interest rates from farmers compared to other forms of Business.


Poultry Farming Business is not an easy one and it even becomes more difficult when you decide to expand, however if you follow the tips in this article carefully you will be able to achieve great success in no Time.
I hope you enjoyed the contents, don't forget to share, thanks for reading.

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