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about us

About e-farming

What is eFarming?

eFarming is a digital platform that focuses on farming and agriculture tips and techniques

We provide agripreneurs with necessary Agribusiness ideas and steps it takes to begin any farming Business.
Many at times farmers and Agribusinesses find it difficult to engage in farming activities that yields greats harvest however efarming is a platform to provide solutions to all problems related to farming activities using real life examples and experiences.

eFarming is also an agritech startup that acts as a marketplace for farmers, Agribusiness, veterinarians, agronomist, and related agriculture services.
We are developing a market place for agribusinesses to Ernest their products and services remotely within Africa.

Farmers and Agribusinesses in Africa has suffered greatly especially in rural areas, many farmers do not have the resources and information to create a sustainable value chain in the agri ecosystem.
Those with resources don't even have the knowledge and those with knowledge don't have the facilities which makes it very difficult to create sales.

eFarming Africa decided to launch a Digital platform to help farmers source for information around Agriculture and related value chains.
For instance, as a farmer who grows Livestocks and Animal, you need a Vet to guide you on any outbreak of diseases especially from Birds like chicken, Efarming makes it easier to access these professionals and provide the necessary informations.

eFarming is also creating other launchpool to ensure we meet the demands and problems of Agribusinesses in Africa.
The team behind eFarming Africa will ensure that farmers and agropreneurs will be upgrade alongside other sectors and fields.

eFarming is here as Revolutionary System which will change the Agriculture Value chain in Africa and across the Globe.

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