FAQs of snail farming business

FAQs of snail farming business


What is snail farming

The process of raising eatable or edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use is called Snailery or Snail Farming 

The meat and eggs from Snail can be consumed as an eatable dish which is very good for the health.

And the slime from Snail, "that slurry substance" is highly sought after in the cosmetic / beauty industry. That classy cream you apply, do you know most of them are made from Snail slime?

The Snail Farming has many good aspects and it is a large and highly profitable venture.

farmers usually call it the Noiseless goldmine

You can have a snail farm and no one would know cause they don't make noise or smell. Many who are into snail farming in Ghana and Nigeria are unwilling to let others know about the Gold mine farming method.

The plain truth is that snail farming is as easy as ABC. but many a people try to hide the profitable business and secret from others. 

The only thing you need is the right knowledge or information to Kickstart your snail Farm journey. 

Snail unlike other livestock does not constantly demand your attention and care which makes it a right choice of line to choose.

The profit margin on snail farming is high. In the US snails 1 pounds weight of snail can go for a whooping $50 that's over 27,000 naira equivalent. 

This is an industry you should tap from! You can Choose to Export your snail to abroad without stress and make cool foreign cash.

In USA and other wester countries, 1 snail is bought as high as $3-4 per snail.

One of the uniqueness and beauty in snail farming business is that Snails can be easily exportable, with a hood shelf life. Snail meat is a recognized healthy food, it's high in protein and low in fat and all doctors recommend snail meat globally.

 Can Someone Make Money Rearing Snails ?

 The Answer is

*Yes yes yes!!

Snail farming can make you lots of money because the creatures multiply rapidly. 

Snails are capable of producing hundreds of eggs, which hatch into snails.

It is now possible to produce more than 10,000 snails worth more than *N5 million naira* twice a year. 

This is made possible because of the availability of very highly prolific SPECIE of SNAILS called *ACHATINA ACHATINA* and *Achatina Fulica* which can lay up to 200 to 400 eggs in one batch 2-3 times a year.

 Do You Know You Can Make Over Ghc20,000 (N1.4 million naira) Raising Snails From Your Backyard Every Year?

Snail eggs

Only one snail can lay over 1000 eggs in a year.* So let’s say you have 20 snails. By the end of the year you would be having 20,000 snails. 

Let’s say in worst cases or scenarios, which rarely occurs, some of the animals dies and others aren’t matured yet so you have only 4,000 matured snails at the end of the year. 

And a matured snail sells averagely at GHc 5. Please help me with the Maths; What’s 4000 snails by GHC 5? You got it right GHC 20,000.

That's roughly over 3 million naira.

4,000 snail a year is too small, because you can actually do more than that with out stress.

Because a single snails can lay up to 400 to 1000 eggs in just 1 year, so do the maths...

 How Much Does it Cost to Feed / Raise a Snail ?

Is it expensive or not

The less capital needed for snail farming is one of the biggest advantages in snail Farming.

 First of all, Have you tried raising fish or chicken You know how it is, it requires constant supply of feed and is very expensive, in fact most poultry farmers run out of business due to the cost, stress and capital required. 

But in snail Farming it is not so, even if you feed your snails some kind of food remains or leftover, they'll gladly eat and reproduce enough eggs for you to hatch, to make good cash and grow your farm. 

You don’t have to buy food for snails and you may not have to spend much to create a shelter for them.

 Snail Feeds Can cost you *Zero 0 Naira / Free*, if you know how to go about it.

 They eat ordinary leafs, wasted fruits leftovers etc.

If you want to start a business right now, and you don't have enough money, snail farming is what I will recommend any day any time.

Because it is less capital intensive.

You don't have to spend on feed.

 Are you worrying about marketing?

Don’t waste that precious time. Snails have a very *HUGE* market locally and you can export too to foreign countries.

And you can eat it too delicious.

 Is there a market for snails?

Snail farming

Is it on High Demand

 The global market of wholesale snail sales is worth approximately $117M a year, and this makes it one of the best niche markets to jump in to.

The best season to start your snail farming business is now the demand for snail meat in the international market has skyrocketed and there is opportunities for you to export.

How much is the snail industry worth?

The global snail beauty products market accounted for US$ 3.7 billion as of 2019 and is estimated to reach US$ 12.0 billion by 2029. 

The profit from snail meat is just a tip of the iceberg in comparison to the industrial benefits of its *slime* in the production of medicines and cosmetics.

You should Know and Note that the demand for snail is very high in Africa and Globally as such the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, domestically and internationally.

 Right now the demand for snail is so so high, that we breeders are always out of stock.

If you want to verify, try looking for table size snails, you won't find any, it's always on High Demand.

*Am too Busy I'm a Working class can I do snail farming ?* 

*Of Course Yes!!!*

You can Do Snail Farming

Snail Farming does not require your full attention all you need to put in is Just 15 minutes of your time each day which is very Easy and convenient. 

No matter how busy you are, you can venture into snail farming and succeed with the right knowledge because it is not stressful at all.

You can do it!

 So many business individuals and office workers own a snail farm, because of the convenience and cool cash. 😊

 What you will be learning from this and one good thing about snail Farming is that it will liberate you from the pangs of one stream of income to multiple streams of income if properly and adequately utilized All you need do is simple! Take Action. 

Why Do people say There Is No Job, When There Are Thousand Opportunities Starring. Don't be like them!! 

Snail Farming Is Creating More Than 300 Millionaires In

Africa Per Year.

You may ASK or Wonder

How Easy is Snail Farming?? You may ASK or Wonder

How Easy is Snail Farming??

 Snail farming is as easy as *A.B.C.D* but you need the right knowledge and guide to be able to be successful at it. 

Snails reproduce themselves very efficiently, which makes the snail breeding a fairly simple procedure and the snail farm a very profitable form of farming.

Have you tried doing poultry or training chickens. If you are not strong enough, you can't do it.

If you're young, elderly or matured and you don't want stress, then snail farming is what you should start doing now!!!

Even if you're 80year old, you can do snail farming there's no work there, it's something we do with joy.

You just feed the snails once a day and relax, they eat mostly at night.

So it's a very good business, plus the money you get or realize is pure profit because you are not spending much on feeding the snails.

Can I start a snail farm if I don't own a Land

How Much Space Do I Need or Require to Start?

 Snail farming can be done in any good environment. 

you do not need to secure lands before you start up a snail Farm. 

Just start with the little space you have, there are different types of snail houses/pen. 

snails do not require too much space for survival. 

 Your backyard! Is enough for you to start tomorrow morning

If you have a big Land, that's a huge boost for you.

No excuses for not starting

 10ft by 10ft or less is okay for the entire project, space is never a problem.  

 Those of us who are into real Snail farming business knows that; its not just about quick fattening of snails. the secret is in knowing the skills and methods of domesticating Snails, nurturing them; protecting and developing them to good sizes for consumption or commercial gains.

 Some of you may be Asking again

Do I need Any Experience?

Or What Qualifications Do I Need..

 The answer is very plain and simple. 

You do not need any qualifications

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You don't need any degree or prior *university* knowledge to get started with snail Farming!!

 After all after spending years in the university, they won't teach you any tangible skill most of the time. Despite spending millions to get the certificate paper.

Certification is just a paper although very important, but skill has a great role to play.

It is skills that earns you money.

 Get a skill today, even if it's fish farming although expensive.

Just learn something be independent even without a white collar job.

What you have in your brain can never be stolen, so invest in knowledge.

 *All You Need to Succeed as a snail Farmer is a guide path and the Right knowledge, from experienced farmers to get started.*

Most of you will ask How much capital Do i Need?

Capital is not an issue or a problem. 

Snail farming can be done on a very minimal / small budget or even on a nearly zero budget.

There are secrets to get your breeding stock for free.

 Snail farming in Nigeria as well as Ghana is said to be one of the most lucrative agricultural business you can start with little capital.  

Like I said earlier, you don't need to buy any special feeds for your snails, they eat almost anything, I'll be revealing their best feed to you. 

Snail farming in Nigeria, Ghana and Some African countries requires low capital to start. The capital is very little, compare to other Animal rearing business.

 Feeding snails are way way cheaper.

You know paw-paw fruit right?

Just pluck or pick one and drop for your snails at night. 

The next morning you won't see a drop.

They are active night eaters. 

How much is paw paw again, it's everywhere, there are other cheaper and zero cost food for snails too.

Have you seen that Slurpy drawing thick liquid that comes out of the snail?

It is called snail slime

This overlooked  snail slime can give you excess money.

 There are many uses of SNAIL SLIME.

Have you seen those very expensive body creames they sell at luxurious shops?? 

The ones celebrities buy, that makes their face so clean!! 

Guess what?

It is made from Snail slime. That snail slime substance is valued like gold, it's precious.

Snail slime softens the skin and makes it look younger and also eradicates scratches and skin infections.

It reduces ageing, stretch marks

It is used in the treatment of Acne

protect skin from free radicals, soothe skin, repair damaged tissues and restore hydration. It can be used to treat dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks, acne

It’s used to manufacture high quality cosmetics.

How much can snail slime give you?? 

The slime has become so popular that today it is treated like gold. Snail mucin face masks can cost upwards of $300

The current price of snail slime in Africa is ₦20,000 (280ghc) per kg. A liter of snail slime in Nigeria is ₦120,000 naira (1,700ghc).

 The Steps and Methods Involved

The first step is:

1. Getting / Or Choosing a site or space.

 You can decide to train your snails in an ordinary land/ bucket/ drum/ tyres etc.

That's why snail farming is the best, as it is stress free and you can start out from anywhere.

Lest I forget to mention:

Snails excrete is odorless, it does not smell at all. 

unlike chicken poultry where your neighbors will start complaining of the bad smell.

Snail Farming is just too good.

 You can start farming with hatchlings.

But I recommend you start with point of lays.

So they can lay you 100's of egg each.

Then you hatch them into snails, boom you have a big farm without stress.

This is a secret I've given you here

 Hatchlings are baby snails (newly hatched)

Point of lays are matured snails

 In selecting the snails you wish to start with, you'll discover that There are many type / species of snails. That should not bother you. 

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As an experienced farmer and Agriculture consultant, there are 

three species of snail I will always recommend* for you. 

If you want to make good profits fast.

 1. The Achatina Fulica AF

2. The Achatina Maginata AM

3. The Achatina ACHATINA AA


How to Avoid Snail Disease

Snail diseases are caused by Dirty and Unkempt Environments

Always keep your pen clean to avoid diseases.

Neem seeds can be used to treat sick snails.

But you should be guided on the usage.

 There are different patterns of snail houses or pen.

That's why I said you can start easily.

Some methods are.

1. Using Baskets (Plastic or Woven) 

2. Using Old Car Tires

3. Using an Old Tank

4. Trench Pens

5. Hutch Boxes

6. The Free-Range Pen for Snails.


In this article we have been able to provide all the frequently asked questions concerning snail farming.
Being a very profitable business that requires lots of patience, it is advisable to start with whatever budget you have, and see the outcome of the business before you upgrade.

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