Factors to Consider before Starting a Poultry Farm

Factors to Consider before Starting a Poultry Farm

Poultry farming


A Poultry Farm business is one of the most profitable farming business to venture into and requires less equipments to begin compared to other livestocks like Fishery.

However there are factors to consider before you venture into a Poultry Farm business and that is what this article is about.

In this article, all the factors that needs to be considered before starting a Poultry Farm is thoroughly explained and analyzed for better understanding and insight of the poultry farm business, come with me let's take a look at them.


Poultry farming is the raising different kinds of domestic birds into a pet either for personal use, or for commercial consumption. You can also raise these birds either for egg production, meat consumption, or for both purposes.


There are so many different types of poultry birds which you can choose from to raise your poultry farm and some of the list includes, Chicken which is the most popular, Turkey, geese, ducks, guinea fowl among others.

Your choice should be determined by the type of farm you want as well as the factors to be considered because some of the birds have limitations when it comes to the following:





And so on


Research has it that as a farmers  in the poultry field, you should expect a monthly net income of about $2,000 for 300 egg-laying chickens. This includes all the other costs you will face, such as buying chicks, organic feeds, chicken houses and regular checks at the vet for potential pests

And others this depends on your investment capital.

Based on  the above forecast and projections, you can agree with me that poultry is one of the most profitable businesses in most parts of the world which anyone can go into.


Farming birds generally for meat consumption and egg production can be very profitable and the amount poultry farmers earn varies and is dependent on the poultry size, the capacity of birds, and the types of poultry you are  growing on your farm.


Poultry farming has a quite number of benefits and this is a great advantage of poultry farming both to individuals and also to the community as a whole.

Local fowl

Benefits of poultry farming includes:

1. Job Opportunities: Poultry farming creates room for job opportunities for the people in a community. Having a poultry farm in a community does not only provide employment but can create skills acquisition in a community or town.

Raising chickens on a large scale in a remote area where there are no jobs, or they are underemployed, will help individuals get jobs easily. 

2. Easy to begin – Poultry farming is one of the easiest animal/livestock farming business to start. And you can start with the little resources you have starting from buying a single bird to several birds and cages, you can start small or big, it really doesn't matter as long as you are focused and consistent, soon you will grow to a bigger business and establish larger poultry.     

3. Poultry farming doesn't require a license to start a farm – this makes poultry farming One of the biggest wins of as it doesn't require incorporation although some countries like south africa made it a necessary requirement for licensing however you don't need to obtain a government license to start your poultry farm. 90% of poultry farmers don’t register their farms talk more of obtaining a license to operate.

4. Fast Returns on Investment – another big win for the poultry farming fields is it has a Swift return on investment (ROI).

For instance, if you farm on broiler , you can raise the birds for atleast six weeks, then sell them, and make your money back Immediately.

Compared to other kinds of livestock business, poultry farming is like a side hustle that can be used to support your other business and can come through for you at a time of need. 

Poultry farming chicks


Poultry farming is risky – there's no business without risks and poultry farming isn't excluded from such terms as a matter of fact, poultry farming is very risky at the same time very profitable as a newcomer you might find it very challenging to operate. A single outbreak of diseases can make you lose your entire investment for a season, and such occurrence might make it difficult for you to bounce back.

Poultry farming require finances and capital, you can start a poultry farm in your compound or your neighbor's house using a small scale method. However, if you want to go commercial, it requires huge capital to start the poultry business. The first financing cost of setting things together might weigh you down, and before you recoup back your money, it might take a while.

Poultry farming requires close monitoring and observation – as a poultry farmer, you need to make sure you are always on ground   to monitor and ensure the birds is in good condition and performance and in cases whereby you are traveling for a while you need to employe someone or hire an expert from the poultry field.

Bird-Human Infections: Poultry farming business is not only vulnerable to the birds themselves but also to humans, there are several bird diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans and some of these diseases includes avian tuberculosis, erysipelas, ornithosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis and many others.

Although this infection is not usually common when it occurs however it's when it occurs it is very serious and critical. The major bird-to-human infection that can could spread is known as Avian flu and it affects the respiratory system of humans.


In this article, we have being to cover all the necessary challenges and benefits involved in Starting a Poultry farming business needless to say we touched the basis requirements and resources however In our next article we'll be discussing the full details on How to start a poultry farm business.

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